update on AstroOverlay and other stuff

Recently we did cleanup and performance optimization on out new Astronomical Image Overlay interface. It is ready now for significant traffic hits.

By the way, about traffic: Last Friday our servers have been flooded by “bored visitors” ;) , I mean visitors from www.i-am-bored.com web site. I must admit – there is a lot of “bored” surfers on the Net. Our traffic more than doubled. It was a good and pretty successful test for our latest build with a lot of effort put toward performance optimization and stability increase.

Another good news – we’ve got faster internet connections on two of our servers – sky3 and sky7. We use these servers to handle mostly “heavy” on CPU tasks and the only servers that allowed to produce extralarge snapshots (16+ megapixels)


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    update on AstroOverlay and other stuff |


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