Supernova near NGC 5216?

Beautiful image of NGC 5216 on today’s astronomy picture of the day ( I notice some new object at (13:32:39 62°42’52″). Does anyone know what is that? Supernova?


  1. Ted Judah says:

    Looks like an elliptical to me.

  2. Ted Judah says:

    What do you mean by new? That it was not there before in previous images?

  3. Martin says:

    It appears to be an image processing error, see

  4. wow..look at the connection between the 2 stars(I guess)…

  5. Adriano says:

    This is not a Supernova, this image is a collision of two galaxies. The same will happen in 5 million years between the Milky Way and our neighboring Andromeda.

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