Still believing in aliens invasion in 2012?

The news about so-called space ships found by SETI shaking internet community for more than a month now (though origin of the news I found on some blogs and youtube video are more than a year old). There was several debunking articles from respective authors, but the rumor still around and time to time we are getting e-mails and phone calls from worrying visitors of sky-map about “suspicious objects”. I just stumbled on SETI press release with an explanation. Check it out – Internet Rumor of Inbound 2012 Spaceships Untrue: NO Spaceships Headed for Earth

Another good article on Bad Astronomer blog by Phil Plat who particularly explains the imaging artifacts on Digitized Sky Survey you can find here.

Here’s one of the recent discoveries by our visitors: (06h34m46.99s, +51°04′49.0″). It’s just another image arifact, but looks pretty cool :) . Scroll down to the left for more “objects”


  1. Panchi says:

    Aquí tienes la paginita esta para comenzar a entretener tu curiosidad sobre el advenimiento de grandes cambios para la humanidad

  2. Kylyn says:

    hey this is a gas cloud lol..not spaceship

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