Dark days for Internet in Canada are coming

CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) by recent decision let very few corporations, who owns all telecom in Canada to practically get rid of their smaller competitors, who offered better services, and put draconian tariffs on internet usage. Until now Canadians were enjoying unlimited broadband internet at reasonable price offered by smaller internet providers or with some bearable penalties from major ones. The new internet tariffs are 25GB/month, then $1 per each GB over (with some limited options to prepay for additional usage). No competitors are now allowed to jump over those limits.

To support WikiSky project we are heavily defendant on internet usage. Our monthly usage sometimes goes way over one terabyte per month (This does not include traffic on our primary servers located in data centers) With new UBB rates such usage will end up with four digit bills. We are looking for solution, but so far the only reasonable option is to upgrade our data center servers ASAP and move all internet bandwidth-hungry processes there. We recently have opened the fund-raising campaign to help with the servers upgrade project.

I don’t know what was thinking our government by letting it happen, but it feels like we are moving back to dial-up Internet era…

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  1. Allen Titan says:

    This are the theory. Don’t think it will be real.

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