Message to spammers

Dear spammers,
I spend last three days fighting server crashes, until I found there were hundreds of thousands of spam comments in “The Collection” area posted by spam bot. It was causing significant load on data base and memory. Our servers are running at peak of its capacities and cannot host zillions of your links.
Could you please be so kind to stop posting non-relevant comments on WikiSky site.
Thank you for your understanding!


  1. Obama says:

    Dear Spammers!
    I love you.
    Allah akbar!

  2. Jan Day says:

    We also investigate common Internet based scams and fraud issues to help our readers protect themselves from the most current Internet threats. We stay on top of all the newest and most advanced security protection software to help you choose the best way to protect your computer and online identity. In addition, we endeavor to help our readers deal with issues of Internet viruses, identity theft, malware, and spam in order to provide you with the quickest way defuse potentially harmful situations for you and your computer.

  3. Oh, these spammers. I agree with you, it’s something incredible, when thousands of letters in the mail, continuous ads and links

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