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Server problem

We’re currently having problem with one of our servers. Since we constantly hit by heavy traffic, a missing server causing significant performance degradation of SKY-MAP site. We working as fast as we can on a solution. Please be patient. Thanks. Update March 28,2011 The server is fixed, up and running again. Thanks ____________

Lunarpages making troubles again

Lunar pages just sent us a note that our hosting account is suspended again. Due to high resource utilization. We use Lunar pages as simple redirect and direct image access. All heavy math is done on dedicated servers and that redirect pages are kind of load-balancing solution. We already forced to move our forums, blog, [...]

For those who wants to dig deeper

WikiSky has a lot of information and images, but not as much as some professional astronomer’s tools. If you are really curious about some object you found on sky map and you want to trace it to the source, try NASA’s SkyView online tool. Well, it may be not that easy to navigate as WikiSky, [...]

Unidentified object mystery solved

In previous post I asked about unknown object on one of the latest APOD images. I thought it could be a supernova. But it appears to be a simple image processing error. Mystery solved! ____________

Supernova near NGC 5216?

Beautiful image of NGC 5216 on today’s astronomy picture of the day ( I notice some new object at (13:32:39 62°42’52″). Does anyone know what is that? Supernova? ____________

Looking for Nibiru. Please check out this video

For those who are looking for Nibiru please check out this video first: ____________

It’s that time of the year

Yes, it’s that time of the year when you can show your appreciation to the Wikipedia. Many of us using Wikipedia on daily basis as source of information on almost any subject in the World. WikiSky’s team is active contributor of Astronomy section in Wikipedia. Many astronomical object articles in Wikipedia are illustrated with images [...]

Wikipedia’s donation campaign 2008

Wikipedia is running Donation campaign 2008. So far they collected just under $4.5 million with goal of $6 million. The donation progress is slowing down lately. Common people! If you like idea of free information on internet (I mean really FREE, including ads-free content) please donate now. Least what I want to see in Wikipedia [...]