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New video on Nibiru


Message to spammers

Dear spammers, I spend last three days fighting server crashes, until I found there were hundreds of thousands of spam comments in “The Collection” area posted by spam bot. It was causing significant load on data base and memory. Our servers are running at peak of its capacities and cannot host zillions of your links. [...]

Unplanned server upgrade

We had disk failure on one of our servers and had to use part of our raised funds to purchase two new 750GB hard drives for total of $260. We replaced older array of two 360GB disks. Though it is still not enough to hold all images, there is now more space to breath and [...]

SDSS-III cleaner version has been released

We’ve done some cleaning on new SDSS-III survey. New version is now available online. Basically we lowered priorities on drawing “dirty” SDSS frames on main survey, leaving cleaner frames on top. Though all SDSS frames are still available from list of images on starview pages. There still few minor spots left to clean. Next major [...]

New SDSS-III sky survey is now available on WikiSky

We have added sky images from latest data release of Sloan Digital Sky Survey – SDSS-III DR8 The release contains all of the imaging data taken by the SDSS imaging camera, now covering 1/3 of the whole sky (over 14,000 square degrees out of 41,253 square degrees of whole sky) In addition all existing images [...]

January 2011 status update

End of 2010 was quite hot for our servers. Visitors traffic grown from usual 300,000 visits per month to over 1,500,000 visits in December alone. Our poor 6 years old servers reached it’s capacities on all ends – processors power, disks space and IO performance. We had to shut down some services in order to [...]

Support Wikipedia

In my opinion Wikipedia is absolutely the greatest information resource on Internet. It showed true meaning of Internet itself – open share of Knowledge with ability to contribute to it by everyone. It inspired our project. WikiSky team contributed a lot, specifically into astronomical section – information and imagery data. Support Wikipedia. Happy New Year! [...]

update on AstroOverlay and other stuff

Recently we did cleanup and performance optimization on out new Astronomical Image Overlay interface. It is ready now for significant traffic hits. By the way, about traffic: Last Friday our servers have been flooded by “bored visitors” , I mean visitors from web site. I must admit – there is a lot of “bored” [...]

short demo on how does astro-overlay link works

The short video below demonstrates how you can enrich any online astronomical image with WikiSky’s AstroOverlay features right in your browser just by using javascript link described in previous post Astro-Overlay demo ____________ (WikiSky) on BBC (WikiSky) was featured on BBC’s Webscape TV programme over last weekends. Thousands of new visitors, mostly from England, put quite a load on our servers. ____________