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Last night we put new build on all our online servers. It includes mostly bug fixes and performance optimizations. There was significant change in JavaScript packaging. We tested all the changes, but our QA team abilities are quite limited. So please let us know if you find any bugs. Thanks. ____________

Version 2 Window API

I mentioned already about SkyWindow API. Here’s a newer version. SkyWindow2 API: var options= {ra:10.74187, de:-59.66, initZoom:12, zoom:12, survey:”", imgSource:”IMG_all”, allowTopPanel:true, showTopPanel:true, showRightPanel:false, allowMove:true, allowZoom:true, showPanZoomControl:true, panZoomControlLeft:6, panZoomControlTop:10, showScale:true, showStatus:false, showPosition:true, showStickers:true, showLabels:true, jpegQuality:0.8, showGrid:true, showOverlayGrid:false, showConstLines:true, showOverlayConstLines:false, showConstBoundaries:true, showOverlayConstBoundaries:false, showConstNames:false, showOverlayConstNames:false, showGalaxies:true, showOverlayGalaxies:false, showStars:true, showOverlayStars:false, buffer:1, moveTime:2000, smoothMoveAccelerationTime:500, posColor:”yellow”,posFontSize:”8pt”,posFontWeight:”normal”,posFontFamily:”verdana”, scaleMaxLen:90, scaleHeight:6, scaleColor:”yellow”, scaleLineWidth:1 }; [...]

SPAM update

Ok, we finished recovering from massive spam attack on our forum (see previous posts). The forum is back on-line now. It is possible we accidentally killed few of your good posts. Sorry about that, there was quite a lot of junk to sort out. ____________

WikiSky on Facebook

I have created group on the Facebook for our users and contributors. If you’ve got a Facebook account – feel free to join our fans club at ____________


In last few days our forums have been heavily attacked by spammers, causing partial denial of service. About 150,000 spam posts have been submitted in just few days. Forums are off line now. We still recovering from the attack. Dear SPAMMERS. C’mon, aren’t you have anything better to do? I’d rather now been doing some [...]

GALEX survey updated to GR5

We have updated our ultraviolet GALEX survey with the latest GR5 ( release. It contains 870 new tiles of sky coverage from the primary mission surveys.  In addition, 266 GR4 tiles were delivered with extended exposure times. Since GR5 was processed with the same pipeline as GR4, it may be considered a supplement to GR4. [...]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our visitors. 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy From Wikipedia: The International Year of Astronomy is a year long celebration of astronomy, taking place in 2009 to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the first recorded astronomical observations with a telescope by Galileo Galilei and the publication of Johannes [...]

0-zoom images updated

We have updated images at top zoom level (0). We already had 0-zoom images for IRAS, H-Alpha, astrophoto and SKY-MAP surveys. New images include DSS2, SDSS, RASS3 and GALEX surveys. Also astrophoto updated with latest images. The top level images represent whole sky in aitoff projection with center in R.A.=12h, Dec.=0° ____________

Bug in skywindow

Users who use our SkyWindow API reported that the interface stopped working when we put new surveys on-line. The has been fixed, thanks for the prompt report and sorry for the issue, we’re really miss QA department to test our builds before posting it on-line. Anyway I’m putting the SkyWindow here, so if you don’t [...]

GALEX is on-line

      GALEX survey is now available on all WikiSky servers. The response might be a bit slow on first deep-zoom view of non-popular areas as full resolution images are downloaded and cached locally on demand. ____________