update on AstroOverlay and other stuff

Recently we did cleanup and performance optimization on out new Astronomical Image Overlay interface. It is ready now for significant traffic hits. By the way, about traffic: Last Friday our servers have been flooded by “bored visitors” , I mean visitors from www.i-am-bored.com web site. I must admit – there is a lot of “bored” [...]

short demo on how does astro-overlay link works

The short video below demonstrates how you can enrich any online astronomical image with WikiSky’s AstroOverlay features right in your browser just by using javascript link described in previous post Astro-Overlay demo ____________

New interface introduction – Astronomical Image Overlay

The SKY-MAP team is happy to introduce new interface we are working on right now called Astronomical Image Overlay. It allows (by adding single line of code to a page that show one or more astronomical images) to add new cool layer of other images overlapping same patch of the sky (drag mouse over the [...]