For those who wants to dig deeper

WikiSky has a lot of information and images, but not as much as some professional astronomer’s tools. If you are really curious about some object you found on sky map and you want to trace it to the source, try NASA’s SkyView online tool. Well, it may be not that easy to navigate as WikiSky, [...]

Supernova near NGC 5216?

Beautiful image of NGC 5216 on today’s astronomy picture of the day ( I notice some new object at (13:32:39 62°42’52″). Does anyone know what is that? Supernova? ____________

Hubble’s New View of Star Birth in M83, the Southern Pinwheel

var options= {ra:13.6178776, de:-29.86240, initZoom:10, zoom:10, survey:”", imgSource:”IMG_all”, allowTopPanel:true, showTopPanel:true, showRightPanel:false, allowMove:true, allowZoom:true, showPanZoomControl:true, panZoomControlLeft:6, panZoomControlTop:10, showScale:true, showStatus:false, showPosition:true, showStickers:true, showLabels:true, jpegQuality:0.8, showGrid:true, showOverlayGrid:false, showConstLines:true, showOverlayConstLines:false, showConstBoundaries:true, showOverlayConstBoundaries:false, showConstNames:false, showOverlayConstNames:false, showGalaxies:true, showOverlayGalaxies:false, showStars:true, showOverlayStars:false, buffer:1, moveTime:2000, smoothMoveAccelerationTime:500, posColor:”yellow”,posFontSize:”8pt”,posFontWeight:”normal”,posFontFamily:”verdana”, scaleMaxLen:90, scaleHeight:6, scaleColor:”yellow”, scaleLineWidth:1 }; new SkyWindow2(options).attach($(‘mySkyWnd2′)); The spectacular new camera installed on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope [...]