January 2011 status update

End of 2010 was quite hot for our servers. Visitors traffic grown from usual 300,000 visits per month to over 1,500,000 visits in December alone. Our poor 6 years old servers reached it’s capacities on all ends – processors power, disks space and IO performance. We had to shut down some services in order to [...]

0-zoom images updated

We have updated images at top zoom level (0). We already had 0-zoom images for IRAS, H-Alpha, astrophoto and SKY-MAP surveys. New images include DSS2, SDSS, RASS3 and GALEX surveys. Also astrophoto updated with latest images. The top level images represent whole sky in aitoff projection with center in R.A.=12h, Dec.=0° ____________


  We’re about to finish work on new high resolution all sky survey – GALEX. The Galaxy Evolution Explorer is an orbiting space telescope observing galaxies in ultraviolet light across 10 billion years of cosmic history. GALEX GR4 imaging data contains about 31,200 2 color band frames with round image area of 2900 pixels in diameter [...]

Sloan Digital Sky Survey local hosting

We’ve added to WikiSky ability to cut images from  SDSS (DR7) locally. WikiSky is still using exetrnal cutout tool (casjobs.sdss.org) for SDSS DR6,5,4 and 3. The problem with casjobs is that it has limited projection options that causes siginificant alignment problems when you move far away from projection center. Our image cutout tool has rich projections options, [...]

Sloan Digitial Sky Survey updated

We published new data release of SDSS sky survey (SDSS DR7). We also opened access to previous sky surveys since DR3 and added ability to show SDSS survey in wide angle. Before there was limitation to show survey in zoom level 6 and deeper due to angle restriction on remote server that hosts the survey’s [...]