Message to spammers

Dear spammers, I spend last three days fighting server crashes, until I found there were hundreds of thousands of spam comments in “The Collection” area posted by spam bot. It was causing significant load on data base and memory. Our servers are running at peak of its capacities and cannot host zillions of your links. [...]

Unplanned server upgrade

We had disk failure on one of our servers and had to use part of our raised funds to purchase two new 750GB hard drives for total of $260. We replaced older array of two 360GB disks. Though it is still not enough to hold all images, there is now more space to breath and [...]

Lunarpages making troubles again

Lunar pages just sent us a note that our hosting account is suspended again. Due to high resource utilization. We use Lunar pages as simple redirect and direct image access. All heavy math is done on dedicated servers and that redirect pages are kind of load-balancing solution. We already forced to move our forums, blog, [...]

January 2011 status update

End of 2010 was quite hot for our servers. Visitors traffic grown from usual 300,000 visits per month to over 1,500,000 visits in December alone. Our poor 6 years old servers reached it’s capacities on all ends – processors power, disks space and IO performance. We had to shut down some services in order to [...]

Lunar Pages hosting

Our new provider Lunar Pages that we moved our front end pages to just 2 weeks ago cased us first headache – 1.5 hours downtime caused by one of their junior system administrator, who suddenly decided that our web site put in danger their server and without any prior notification recklessly suspended front page access [...]