Message to spammers

Dear spammers, I spend last three days fighting server crashes, until I found there were hundreds of thousands of spam comments in “The Collection” area posted by spam bot. It was causing significant load on data base and memory. Our servers are running at peak of its capacities and cannot host zillions of your links. [...]

SPAM update

Ok, we finished recovering from massive spam attack on our forum (see previous posts). The forum is back on-line now. It is possible we accidentally killed few of your good posts. Sorry about that, there was quite a lot of junk to sort out. ____________


In last few days our forums have been heavily attacked by spammers, causing partial denial of service. About 150,000 spam posts have been submitted in just few days. Forums are off line now. We still recovering from the attack. Dear SPAMMERS. C’mon, aren’t you have anything better to do? I’d rather now been doing some [...]