Sloan Digitial Sky Survey updated

We published new data release of SDSS sky survey (SDSS DR7). We also opened access to previous sky surveys since DR3 and added ability to show SDSS survey in wide angle. Before there was limitation to show survey in zoom level 6 and deeper due to angle restriction on remote server that hosts the survey’s [...]

Servers upgrade complete

We finally put last server into production loop today, completeing upgrade cycle started three weeks back. The SKY-MAP service works at full speed now. Thank you for your patience. ____________

Lunar Pages hosting

Our new provider Lunar Pages that we moved our front end pages to just 2 weeks ago cased us first headache – 1.5 hours downtime caused by one of their junior system administrator, who suddenly decided that our web site put in danger their server and without any prior notification recklessly suspended front page access [...]

Servers upgrade

We’re performing servers upgrade during this week. Though SKY-MAP service will not be interrupted it might perform slower than usual. Sorry for the inconvenience. ____________

New SkyBrowser

I just put new build on all servers. The major addition is new SkyBrowser interface (still in beta). For now it is available as alternative view accessible from buttons row (see first button with white rectangle on it). But eventually it will replace front page’s sky browser. Example of SkyWindow Ver.2 URL here New sky [...]


We are currently moving front-end part of our sky map system to the new web hosting provider. Most stuff has been transferred already. We still working on issues with some thumbnail astrophoto images ____________

Hello world!

Hello World! There two words often are the first words a newborn computer program speaks in hands of a newborn computer programmer. I still remember time when my “Hello World” program looked something like: 10 PRINT “HELLO WORLD” 20 END Well, here I am again. Now in role of newbie blogger ____________